A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Doll Eye - Chapter one is the first part of a dialogue based, story-driven psychological horror game made on RPG Maker MV.

"Where did this all start?"

Tomorrow is the anniversary of your son's death, but you can't let that distract you from your everyday life.
Your daughter has just sent you a message asking if you could go pick her up near that one shark dude's bar; worry not! Your best friend can keep you some company... Wait, who the hell is that? 

"I think..."

This game features original art/music and is about one hour long. This might depend on your reading speed, how many things you check,  your choices, etc. 
this game has one ending.

Doll Eye is aimed at an audience of individuals that are 15+, for it contains horror imagery, overall mature/dark topics, violence/gore, strong language and sexually suggestive content, specific trigger warnings are put in each chapter.

Chapter one's warnings: 
Loud/unsettling sounds, creepy imagery, themes of loss and death, swearing, blood, accidental jumpscares.

"...I think I realize it, now."

This is a free game, however, if you wish to see more or have enjoyed the game, please consider supporting the project on Patreon! If you can't afford it but still wish to support the project, consider sharing it with your friends! 


Being a freshly released build, it might prone to bugs or issues in continuity, make sure to frequently save to avoid getting stuck! Any issues found will be fixed as soon as possible




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absolutley loved the game! i cant wait for chapter 2! 

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omg- is this a dream?? i used to watch the animations when i was a child and now there's a whole game??? :00 ,istg i'll start crying from both happines and childhood memories


I tried launching this game on macos with the itch app and it crashed a couple seconds after opening it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

same dude, don't know what happene


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"Don't go to the cemetery."


The good ending

(Here's a random theory)

I don't think that going to the cemetery will be the problem, I think that bringing Kao will be the problem, he'll probably get in the hospital out of curiosity and we'll have to get him somehow

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yes, i think the same


ok this isnt about the game technically but... ITS AA GAAAAME!? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!!! i used to watch all the animation memes when i was younger and now theres a whole a$$ game!!! omg i am so excited to play it!!


oh my gOD this game is amazing, i can't wait to get chap 2!! the sound design and music is awesome, the heckin CHARACTERS? peter's kind of an asshole though. i'm keeping a thorough eye on that little bastard man.

uhhhhhh for some reason I can't get it to open up

This game is really well made! (I kinda thought the protag was 19 due to his appearance but when I realised he was 39 I was appalled.) (And quick thing,Oliver's looks like Undyne's house from undertale, I don't know if that was intentional, but it's still cool)

I literally created an account just to comment on this- This game is SO GOOD! I MEAN IT! It's hilarious, interesting, enjoyable and so much more! I love how it was both rpg and horror and just aa!! And especially the characters, The character designs are top notch! 
I know this might seem alot for a comment but I just wanted to say that! (it was also alot of fun voiceacting the characters with my friend)

ЭТО ОЧЕНЬ КЛАССНО боже некоторые моменты меня убили симплю автора


This was wonderful, I really like this a lot! Very much looking forward to the continuation of this project.

(P.S. Believe in yourselves, fellow red house people <3)

I really liked how it went. Interesting story so far and I love the art of the game (some nicely drawn animations aswell.) I hope this is still being made cause I really want to know how it's going to go. Love the game, thank you for making it. (I'll upload a video in a few days).

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Finalmente, trovare uno sviluppatore italiano bravo e originale su questo sito è quasi un miracolo

Avevo giocato al primo capitolo tempo fa ma ora vedo che c'è una sorta di aggiornamento di esso...mi sa he mi tocca rigiocarlo prima del secondo capitolo (quando uscirà)

i need to play this game in its entirety, or i will die, and you will be charged with murder doc


not working with mac :( says i dont have permission from the admin.

MANN this was so good!! i had a great time playing it 

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Can I translate this game to Chinese?


The game closes whenever i try to run it on macOS, does anyone know how to fix this?

same here

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beautiful. thank you so much for this masterpiece of a game <3

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It wont let me launch it and im on mac

Any tips oh helping?

I think you run on the wrong OS

yooooooo i love this game but after i meet shai i get an error that reads ''Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null'' and idk how to fix it


When did that artist with a purple furry mascot made a game

i need helpppp im at the damn olivers bar and i don't see the man's daughterrrr


Very nicely done, Twisted Doctor! I have read your first comic a few years ago and it's a pleasure too see it being re-fleshed out entirely now. Kuddos to you and your team. You are an inspiration. Beautiful aesthetics too. If I had to give a tiny little critic though, it would be nice if the surrounding area to talk to npc's was a little wider and maybe if they had some collision. It's a bit complicated to get right in front of them in the right spot to talk to them sometimes. Besides that, everything is pretty good. Very nice humor too. Can't wait to see more


It keeps saying I don't have permission to open the game on my mac. Is there any way to fix that?

This game is amazing, recommend to go check out


I tried downloading this on my mac and the application will not open. Instead, it opens a window stating that "The application cannot open". I was wondering if anyone else was having these problems or if this bug was just due to my Macbook being odd. 


its happening to me too, idk how to fix it :(


THE NEW UPDATE IS SO AWESOME! I loved all the new details and how much more life it added to an already-amazing chapter! You guys did an amazing job :]

(Also, just a question, what happened to kao's old room theme? just curious!)

who kao room


im kao room




are the downloads gone? i cant seem to find them

they're back now, the game was updated!

ik! i was checking after the stream to see if i could download the updated version and couldnt find it :) ty!





even hunt down the freeman is better than this



how did you manage to make this?? its amazing!!


aaaa i loved this!! the art is so unique, i can't wait for chapter 2! :D

omg. this game is amazing! I have NEVER played a game like this! 

this looks so freaking cool

Really appreciate there being a Linux release!